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6 Must Have Essentials When Creating Your Home Gym

Adding in some regular exercise and movement will help you to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life! There are tons of health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity including improved mood, better sleep, and improving energy levels.

One of the best ways to incorporate wellness and vitality into your home is through designing your own home gym. By home gym, I don't mean just putting a treadmill in your bedroom that collects laundry.

A beautifully, well thought out, designed home gym, makes the idea of a workout a little more enticing. A home gym that is visually appealing and fully-functional will motivate you to break a sweat, much more than the treadmill in your bedroom surrounded by the laundry....

What do you need for a home gym?

In order to create your ideal workout space consider planning a home gym that is energizing, motivating and calming. The interior design of your home gym -the lighting, colors, and décor – are just as important as the equipment you choose! Think about the things that draw you to the gym... It's most likely not just the equipment, but also the experience. You are likely drawn to the music, lighting and atmosphere.

A home good gym actively encourages fitness and positivity in your life. There are so many areas in our homes that are underused; spare bedrooms, basements and attics full of clutter, out buildings and garages sitting empty. A home gym is something you and your family will use and enjoy every day and will be an uplifting and empowering addition to your home.

Setting up a home gym

In order to design a gym that is perfect for you, first be honest about what you will actually do there and the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals. For example, I love to practice yoga, so when creating my space, I made sure there was lots of empty floor space available for when I want to roll out my mat. What is most important for your workout? The treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, The Mirror Peloton? It's always good to have some dumbbells', a kettle bell, and/or resistance bands. Consider a few personal touches, like motivational sayings or artwork.

Essentials for your home gym

Equipment: As I mentioned before, think about what is important to you and what you will really use. Think of this workout equipment as an investment so make sure to get the good stuff! I really wanted an elliptical for cardio and weight bench in my home gym. Still saving for a full weight set and a treadmill.

I love this home gym by Emily Hendersen. She has lots of great equipment.

Flooring : Interlocking foam tiles work great for protecting the floor from dropping heavy equipment. They are also non-skid textured tiles and protect floors while creating a comfortable workout space! I actually have peel and stick laminate hard wood floors in my home gym (scored for free).

This home gym by Sawdust 2 Stitches has these great foam tiles and a treadmill to inspire lots of running!

Large full length mirror: Mirrors are really helpful in ensuring your form is on point. You might think you are totally nailing it, only to catch yourself in mirror with less than perfect form.

Inspirational art: Art is always a good idea. It's nice to have something uplifting to look at in order to feel inspired!! I love this print by Etsy .

Storage: Storage is great to keep all of your equipment organized!

Check out the storage solutions in this home gym by Tim Barber LTD!

Music/TV: While the TV is not necessarily a must have, the music is definitely a necessity. So maybe you have some good headphones or Sonos speakers in your home gym, either way music is always good for the soul and very motivating.

This awesome gym by Mr. Kate includes a mounted flat screen TV complete with a lounging area! Nice touch :)

I pulled together a few ideas for your home gym essentials. Click on the image to find more details!

Thanks for checking out the blog today!! I love having my home gym, it has been a life saver I am super excited to share my ideas with you!! Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in more information!!

XOXO- Cassy


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