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When you look around your home, do you think it reflects who you are? If the interior of your home were to transform into a person, would it have your personality? Your overall look? would it give out your vibe? Or embody your soul?? *wink* Or would the person version of your home be having an identity crisis?

Perhaps you feel like you have collected so many different things over time and combined them with the interior design styles of everyone else and there’s no cohesive look or decor style. You now have a lot of things (that you may or may not love or carry meaning for you) and none of it seems to make sense together. Your home is struggling to find it's identity and you’re left wondering “what is my decorating style?” And “how do you choose a design style? With so many different ideas being thrown at us, it can be very overwhelming to try and understand which decorating styles and inspiration to carry out in your own home.

But WHY is it important to know your design style?


You eliminate those moments in Target when you agonize over what kind of throw pillow to add to your sofa, or those times when you can't decide which lamp goes best on your bedside table.

You will be able to automatically eliminate options. And less options means less overwhelm, quicker decisions, and progress toward a home you love.


Knowing your unique decorating style will help you avoid making random purchases for your home just because you like something. You can like a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean they all need to end up in your home.

Now you might be wondering, once I figure out what design style I resonate with, do I have to stick to that one and only style??? And the short answer is no. Finding your style does’t mean you have to choose just one design style. In fact, some of the most interesting homes layer different decor styles. They have a way of weaving a few styles together to tell a story and reflect the personality of the people who live there.

Your decorating style will most likely include different design styles, but again knowing which ones to include and which ones to eliminate will narrow your focus and make design decisions less overwhelming.

The best way to design your home is to learn about different interior design styles, how they differ from each other, and the most popular types. Today I will go through 6 different types of design styles and I have created a DESIGN STYLE QUIZ that will help you figure out your style....... AND if your home ever transforms into a person, it will be able to capture your essence perfectly!! *wink* *wink*

Modern – Interior Design Style #1

Homes with modern interior design style have clean, crisp angles, lines, and simple color schemes like black, beige, gray, and white complemented by hints of different bold colors in art and furniture. Modern style is a mix of different interior design styles like Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and post-modern design. Also, this type relies heavily on the use of decor materials like glass, chrome, and metal. In other words, it’s cool and “sleek”.

Here are the key features of modern interior design style:

  • Open floor plans

  • Lack of ornament

  • Intentional asymmetry

  • No clutter or accessories

  • Neutrals or earthy color palette with primary colors and bold color contrasts

  • Geometric-patterned or plain area rugs

  • Furniture pieces have clean lines and basic shapes

  • Furniture pieces are made of materials like glass, chrome, or steel

  • Emphasis on colorful art

  • Natural light and floor to ceiling windows


Industrial – Interior Design Style #2

A popular interior style for lofts and warehouses because of its raw and unfinished look. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of industrial home decor is its open floor plan, high ceilings, exposed brick walls and pipes.

Industrial home decor started when western European factories shut down in 1914. As a result, a lot of warehouses became vacant. As the population increased, a lot of people converted these empty warehouses into residential places

Here are other key features of industrial interior design style:

  • A mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors

  • Practical or functional furniture

  • Open floor plan

  • Antique or statement lights with metal finishes

  • Use of vintage and old factory pieces

  • Wood and metal exterior

  • Concrete flooring

The industrial interior style has two variants: the darker and antique style that’s somewhat masculine and the lighter, clean, and chic style.



Bohemian – Interior Design Style #3

Young people are into this interior style because of the bold colors, bohemian patterns, and dramatic accessories and decor. In short, it’s full of life, it feels homey and warm, and you can freely express your individuality.

Let’s dig a bit deeper about this interior style. “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” and it refers to those who live unique (usually artistic) lives. This style mirrors the personality of travelers, hippies, artists, gypsies, and other “free spirits.”

Here are the key features of the bohemian interior design style:

  • Warm and earthy tones or bright and bold colors

  • Plants as decor like hanging plants

  • Striking patterns of rugs, cushions, and throws.

  • Low-lying furniture like low-backed sofas

  • Unique home accessories and decor that stands out

  • Metallic and large mirrors

Bring a natural touch to your bohemian home by adding hanging plants. Check out Omysa’s Plant Hanger for your houseplants and succulents. It’s pretty, simple, and elegant decor to add life to your home.



Farmhouse – Interior Design Style #4

If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper, I’m 100% sure that you’re familiar with this interior style. (thanks, Joanna Gaines!) Farmhouse interior style is quite popular because its rustic interior gives a warm and cozy feeling. Also, it’s a perfect mix of traditional and chic.

Here are the key features of the farmhouse interior design style:

  • Exposed wood beams

  • Functional and vintage furniture

  • Hardwood floors and wood wall panels

  • Warm natural tones like creamy white and butter yellow

  • Rustic finishes

  • Accessories are more connected to nature like potted plants, twigs, nuts and even acorns

  • Open shelves and cabinets



Traditional –Interior Design Style #5

The traditional interior design style pulls from classic, timeless shapes from the past: mainly the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional design will often incorporate antiques or reproduction pieces designed to look antique.

Furniture will be ornate, but rooms will favor symmetry in order to portray a feeling of calm and order. Classical artwork will be incorporated, dark woods are popular and jewel tones are used a lot. Fabrics will be heavy and luxurious.

If you like traditional interior design, you may appreciate these elements:

  • gilded picture frames

  • cabriole legs

  • tufted upholstery

  • wingback chairs

  • damask, plaid, paisley

  • heavy luxurious materials like silk, velvet, leather

  • strong architectural elements such as moldings are often present

  • crystal chandeliers

  • marble


Mid Century Modern –Interior Design Style #6

If it wasn’t obvious from all the pastel-pink sofas and Danish sideboards on your social newsfeeds as of late, midcentury modern decor is still having a moment. Although sleek and timeless, the style can quickly monopolize a room (or make it appear dated) if it isn’t executed with care. The key to making the aesthetic look decidedly non–Brady Bunch is understanding its history and creating a modern mix. New to the style but love the look? .

The movement spanned from about 1933 to 1965 and included architecture as well as industrial, interior, and graphic design.The architectural style, is known for its use of expanses of glass, flat planes, and a strong connection to nature.

  • Organic influences

  • Simple forms

  • Emphasis on function

  • Democratic (in other words, designed for everybody)

Flavin Architects


I hope you were able to gain some clarity on which design style is most appealing to you and what you want to use in your home as you move forward in creating the perfect look for your home!! Knowing your design style will help you to declutter your home, create a cohesive look throughout, save time in your decor selection search and will save you $$$$ knowing what works and was doesn't work in your home. Don't forget to take the DESIGN STYLE QUIZ .

We are happy to help if you have any questions or would like to get a free consultation! Click here to contact us! WE would love to hear from you!

XOXOX- Form and Function Team

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