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How to style a bookcase

Trying to figure out how to style your bookcase or open shelving unit can be overwhelming and you might not even know where to start. Styling your bookcase is a perfect way to display the decorative objects that you’ve collected over time. This display tells a story about who you are and what you love. So today we are going to share a few tips on how to style your bookcase so that it tells your story!

First, you want to start with a blank slate. Empty every single shelf before beginning, then take the time to look at spaces in your home with fresh eyes. Sometimes you don't need to go out and buy anything new but just rearrange things you have into different rooms or spaces! gather all your accessories — books, boxes, sculptures, framed photos, and any other mementos — into one area where you can pull accents for each space. This makes it easy to see your entire collection so you are able to strategically choose colors, textures, shapes, and heights to complement your design. Put “like” things together in groupings so they’ll be easy to pull from as you start styling the shelves. Try to keep things somewhat cohesive without being matchy-matchy.

When styling a bookcase, or anything else in your home for that matter, it is important to prioritize balance. We want to look for patterns to ensure placement is pleasing to the eye. For example, if you are decorating two separate open shelves on either side of the fireplace, think about visualizing each shelf both separately and as a pair. You want them to complete each other but also be able to stand on their own.

If you examine each of the shelves, you’ll notice the groupings of three throughout. This is an easy way to break down such a large task into chunks. One grouping might be two books stacked horizontally with some greenery on top. One grouping might be three books standing up with their covers facing out. Another grouping might be three standing disks. Create groupings of three, and leave negative space between them for a full but uncluttered look.

Make sure to group strategically to avoid making the shelves look too uniform.

Imagine drawing a line down the center of the shelf. You want your objects to cross over that line to break things up.

A triangle pattern is pleasing to the eye. It’s feels less chaotic and more organized.

When putting small pieces together, keep them in odd numbers, such as 3. Some items that are larger can stand alone. Breaking up tones and textures helps to avoid too much of the same thing in one area.

We also recommend breaking up styles. for example you could place a sculpture next to some old stacked books or a framed photo next to some greenery to provide some depth.

Finally, add those last few finishing touches to create your perfect look! These are usually items like candles, miniature plants, and other smaller-scale items. Now, stand back and enjoy your perfectly styled shelves!

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XOXOX - Form & Function Style Team

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