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Spark Hot Yoga: Renovation

This well-loved Snohomish hot yoga studio received a fast and furious face lift! In 5 days, we pulled off an extreme makeover in the lobby, retail spaces, hot studio, and women's restroom! Creating more function, flow, shop-ability, and sophistication in each space. It was a joy to see the look of surprise and delight on the students faces as they entered their new digs!


Keep reading for the exciting before and after transformations!


Slat-wall from floor to ceiling, additional lighting, and a more organized layout create an inviting retail space that makes you want to shop!


The previous closet was opened up to create additional retail and rental storage, and the re-designed desk shifted forward to accommodate shoppers. Re-branded signs create a uniform and clear message to students and shoppers.


Custom benches allow for double the previous seating, and retail items were re-located to their new homes. Window sills were capped with wood for a warm touch and better resistance to water rings (from those pesky water bottles).


Luxury Vinyl Planking creates an open and airy mood in the studio, and will last beyond wood flooring varieties due to it's waterproof properties. Additional sconces were added to the far wall, and ceiling fans and lighting were replaced and separated for better ease of operation.


We kept up the original Audrey Hepburn theme in the women's restroom, with a more sophisticated style. Taller storage shelving creates a more expansive feel, and a new L-shaped divider curtain assists in privacy as women enter and exit.

A huge thank you, and "WOW", goes to Bryan at B&D Contractors, who executed this project under a ridiculously tight timeline. All the while, with a smile on his face! The Spark Hot Yoga classes have clearly kept him relaxed and centered!

If you'd like more details about this commercial space design and products used, contact me here. I am happy to help!


Talia Burrell

Form & Function Style

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