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How We Work

We are making waves and changing the interior design process as you know it!

Enter: Digital Interior Design

Affordable, fast, painless, and on your terms. Read on for a deeper dive into our accessible approach to design...

Designer Collaboration

Many tradition interior design firms charge a high hourly rate and expect their clients to have deep pockets. Their process involves sourcing custom furniture, finishes, and often changing architectural details in the space. The designer will manage the project from start to finish, make multiple trips to the home and perform final staging once the fixtures and furnishings arrive. This is an incredible process for those who can afford it!

But, what about the rest of us?

We are here to bring polished spaces to our clients on any budget, big or small. How are we so affordable? Glad you asked! We depend on our clients to do some of the heavy lifting and we stick to what we do best: the Design Concept. We don't charge our clients to do simple tasks they can do on our their own time.

Form & Function Style provides the design concept, shopping list, room layout, and specific styling and placement tips to assemble the final space. Our clients provide room measurements, before photo's, and insight on their preferences and space goals. Once their design concept is complete, they can purchase items from the links on the provided shopping list (when they're ready), wait for delivery, and place them EXACTLY where we advise.

But, how much will the furniture cost?

The answer: As much or little as you're willing to spend. We will work with ANY budget, big or small. We love creating beautiful spaces on a budget, using creativity to blend inexpensive items with strategically placed show-stoppers to create the illusion of luxury all around.

This collaborative process can be done across the country, with the help of online shopping, digital concept boards, and phone/text/email communication.

What about good, old fashioned, in-person interaction?

We also offer in-home services in the Pacific Northwest, with an affordable flat-fee structure, and the option for additional project management for those clients in need of full-service. We love working in-home in our local community, and are happy to bring the joy of affordable interior design to our neighbors!

Contact us HERE with questions or look HERE for pricing info. We are excited to hear about your design dilemmas and turn them into design successes!

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