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Tips For Designing a Dog Friendly Home

If you are a pet owner like me, you love your furry companions like they are your own children. But every pet owner knows, having a fur baby as part of the family comes with challenges when it comes to selecting furniture and accessories for your home. Sharing your space with your pet does not mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. The key to decorating a pet friendly space is to plan out the correct materials and needs for both you and your pet.

In today’s post, we’re offering some interior design tips to help you blend form and function throughout your home. From the best flooring choices to practical furniture, we’ll show you how to ensure your home is safe, comfortable and stylish for every family member.

Invest in a Dog Bed

You don’t have to sacrifice your thoughtfully chosen interior design vibe when you bring a new pet home. It’s actually super easy to find a stylish and comfy pet bed that is sure to blend right in with your existing home design style.


You may want an fluffy rug or basket for your furry compadre, or you might want to go with something more stylized; perhaps even a child’s mini teepee for your pet to camp out in. Whatever you choose, make sure the color, texture, and style match items you already have and love!

Creative Cabinetry

Some things are better kept hidden! We can design custom cabinets for your pets to conceal anything that you don’t want to be visible or left out in the open – like food and water bowls!

We love this built in dog kennel by Room for Tuesday . Sara, the creator of the blog, says "the design of this room was very heavily focused on the dogs. Living in a small home, we needed a space that was designated for the ugly items that come along with fur babies… dog food, bowls, leashes, a built-in dog crate, etc."

This one by Black Band Interiors is perfect!

Happy Dogs!

The owners of B&B Kustom Kennels came to come to loathe the common, ugly wire kennels they had succumbed to using for their dogs. "They were too bulky, too dirty, an eye sore never meant for the inside of a home. After failing to find a more functional and attractive option, Brody and Bethany decided to create one for themselves. With the creation of B&B Kustom Kennels, the Rathmans are giving dog owners everywhere the opportunity to customize their pet’s home to exact specifications and preferences.

Opt for Washable, Performance Fabrics

It is important to opt for washable, performance fabrics, as well as indoor/outdoor rugs to help with pet accidents. Washable and performance fabrics are worth the investment since they will hold up really well over time. Any surface flooring or ceramic tile should be your primary pet-care living spaces because they will be easy to clean. Get upholstered furniture in a washable performance fabric for stains and for durability. Most performance fabrics have long lasting, tighter weaves that are perfect for pets.

Leather is one of the best options for a pet-friendly sofa and I highly recommend it! Leather couches are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors. You can go with distressed leather, which hides claw marks better than smooth leather, but if distressed leather isn’t your style, as long as you keep your pet’s nails trimmed, smooth leather is an excellent option.

In general, darker colors and fabrics that have patterns or texture are better at hiding dirt and stains, so even if you fall in love with a sofa that has an open-weave fabric, you can still maintain its beauty by choosing a darker color or pattern.

If you still aren’t sure which fabric is best for your lifestyle, West Elm has an amazing sofa guide. Not only does it give you a variety of fabric choices and colors, but it also has a size guide, advice for arm and cushion details, inspiration, and more resources.

I LOVE Ruggable! Their rugs are low-pile, lightweight, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and designed to fit conveniently in your home washing machine.

Hopefully this information helps when you are considering creating a pet friendly space that is both stylish and comfortable for both you and your furry buddies. don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! we live hearing from you!

XOXO- Form & Function Style Team

Client Fur Babies!


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