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Refresh Your Home for Spring 2022

One of the most exciting times in the PNW is the anticipation and eventual arrival of spring. After those long dreary winter months we start to see the sun peek out more, the days get a little longer, the temps start to warm up and we can finally open up those windows to let the light shine in!

With Spring comes inspiration for a fresh start so let’s get into how to refresh your home for spring 2022!

This season is all about creating a clean look, adding natural beauty, bringing in texture and creating a new perspective.

Create a clean look

Before considering your new spring decor it’s important to tidy up your space in order to start with a clean canvas. Kickstart your spring home refresh with a spring cleaning session using the checklist below. You can add more items to this list for an even deeper clean, but these tasks are a great way to help you quickly spruce up your space.

Starting with color pallets.... Bold and bright are out, and cool and calm are in. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to the usual beiges, whites, and grays (although there’s no denying that these are going to be huge). You can still have pops of color but just think about the colors you’re using. Think of calming colors, and you’ll nail the color palette for spring 2022. Rosy and soft pinks can soften up the home in the best way for spring. If you are unsure of how to add pink into your home, consider pairing with warm neutrals like beige and tans for a subtle way to work pink into a space.

To create a clean look, make sure the white spaces are clearly defined. White space (or negative space) in interior design is important because it creates a subconscious sense of visual comfort by allowing our eyes to rest and it also helps to bring positive elements into clear focus. Another way to create a clean look is the use of natural materials like wood, glass, and stone to add warmth to a space.

Add natural beauty

Natural materials like rattan and jute are replacing synthetic fibers like velvet; an eclectic mix of light and dark woods create a homey, organic look; and houseplants are put on every available surface to give a room a touch of the exotic.

We’re loving the look of wood in its natural state, from the gorgeous light grain of solid white oak to raw and sun washed finishes. Natural and calming is going to be so big this year and there’s something quite relaxing about returning to basic textures and materials and getting rid of the complex. Even if you simply buy a new rattan chair for the living room, or replace an old dining set with handwoven chairs and a wooden table. You don’t need to make big statements with your natural textures, but a few more in your rooms will make for a much more calming environment for you, your family, and your guests.

Biophilic design

Plants add color, interest, and charm to a space. Plus, they have the added benefit of improving the air quality, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting your mood overall. We love the exotic, tropical plants and succulents, which are very low-maintenance. Also if you have more of a black thumb, you can now get artificial greens made from recycled plastic, so you can enjoy the faux natural look guilt-free!!

Bring in texture

Textures are broken down into visual textures and tactile textures. A visual texture refers to things that have an impact immediately as you see them. For example, dimensional wall art has visual texture that creates a sense of movement. Soft furnishings like sofas, on the other hand, have the biggest impact when you touch them, so they are tactile textures. Understanding how and when to use each is important if you want to get a good balance.

Plaster is having a big resurgence, largely because people are coming to embrace imperfection and appreciate materials that have been around for hundreds of years. You can bring the feel of plaster into your space through plaster or plaster-like accents, lighting, and decor, which has noticeably trending at market this spring!

Create a new perspective

Getting your home to look its best means an occasional decor shake up, furniture rearrangement or new color palette. Because we are tied up emotionally to our homes sometimes it’s hard to see your space for exactly what it is. If you want to stop glossing over your home and really get a fresh perspective, try these things.

Take a photo

Taking a photo is easiest way to see your home how others see it. Something about looking at your rooms on a screen instead of in person, makes it easier to see what’s working and what could be improved. You might be surprised by just what jumps out at you from a photo that you never noticed before. Before taking a picture remove all your personal belongings, clutter and knick knacks. This is especially helpful when working on a new furniture layout or thinking about proportion in your room.

Change your point of view

We are creatures of habit and thus, see our homes from a surprisingly small number of angles and views. Do you always sit at the same place at the table every night for dinner? Try sliding over a few. Sit on a side chair in your living room to see what it looks like from the point of view of your guests.

Ask a friend

Finally, get some actual different eyes! If you can, find an honest but kind friend who can give you a fresh perspective. It’s always easier to see the shortcomings of someone else’s space because you’re not emotionally attached or accustomed to seeing the same old, same old every day. He or she might be hesitant to give general thoughts, so make sure to ask specific questions to get the type of information you’re looking for.

2022 Spring is all about creating a clean look, adding natural beauty, bringing in texture and creating a new perspective. I hope these tips will help you to freshen up your space! Feel free to reach out if you need help on your next project!

XOXO -Cassy


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