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3 Fool Proof Formulas to Style Your Entryway

The entryway makes a first impression and sets the tone for your unique style that flows throughout the rest of your home. Whether you have a small entryway, an open-concept entryway, or a traditional entryway, designing this space to feel like you really nailed It should incorporate form & function. We all obviously want this space to look great but it also needs to be functional. To make your home inviting, and functional all at once fortunately isn't too hard. It just takes some thought, creativity with storage for items, and some weekly maintenance to keep it looking great. Pro tips include mixing materials for texture and visual interest and varied levels (also for visual interest). These formulas will help you to create that perfect balance of form and function for your entryway!

The bench is your main piece and sets the tone for the rest of your house. So choosing the right bench will not only give you a great place to sit but also an awesome opportunity to show off your style. Add some cute pillows for bonus points!

Adding a rug to your entryway brings warmth and texture, defining the space and creating a visual boundary. Baskets are great storage for collecting shoes, umbrellas, etc. Make note of the number of shoes that normally collect by your door and then adjust your basket size needs accordingly.

For our wall feature we placed an oversized neutral landscape over the bench to ground the space and create some nice contrast and interest.

When people come through the door of your home, they are carrying something that needs to be left in a convenient location. A set of keys, a purse or papers need to be placed in a spot where they can be easily found later. This is where the console table comes in handy. Again adding the rug for dimension. The basket is there to catch all of the shoes. A mirror is not only functional, it also will reflect more light around your space, the sconces add an extra cool later of lighting and the tall vase helps to create varied levels for visual interest.

If you have the space and want to up the storage, consider an entry cabinet. It is the ultimate catchall. instead of a sconce you have a lovely table lamp and instead of a tall dramatic vase you have a smaller more delicate one. Also, while a mirror is a solid go-to for an entry, you can’t forget about the power of the wall feature to create interest. You can choose something large, a few small pieces, or even a small gallery wall.

So, if you have been considering a new entryway design and don't know where to start, remember, the key to the perfect entryway is to create an inviting and functional space to set the tone for the rest of your home. Use storage for items for shoes, hats purses etc, mix materials for texture and interest, and use varied levels (also for visual interest). Using these formulas will help you to create that perfect balance of form and function for your entryway! Please feel free to reach out with any design questions. We are always happy to help!

XOXO- Cassy


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