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8 Types of Wall Paneling for Blah Walls

Over the last few weeks, while being stuck at home, I have been noticing A LOT of aspects about my home that I would like to change or update. Even though my house is new (built in 2017) it’s pretty basic, with nothing really special or outstanding about it. It doesn't have any cool mouldings, no built-ins. Just basic windows and doors and generic finishes.

With so much new construction in the area we are seeing more mass produced "cookie cutter" homes. Most of these homes often lack character and a lot of times we just end up buying more stuff just to cover up the fact that the home was built with generic finishes.

Applying paneling to walls is a great way to instantly change it from blah to interesting and also adds some character to the overall feel of your home. Once you decide to Invest in upgrading some of these details in your home, you wont feel the need to fill it with so much stuff to make it beautiful!

So, let's dive into some different types of wall paneling!


Vertical paneling creates dimension to your walls and is a perfect way to heighten your walls and create a more open feel to a smaller space. Painting your paneling really takes your design up a level, and makes the space feel more modern and clean!

Graystone Custom Builders, Inc.



Applied moulding is a more formal and decorative option but can be just as easy to install on your own to achieve the look. Again, you have the option to customize the size of molding as well as the size of the rectangle, square or shape that you install it in.

Apartment Therapy



Applied box moulding is one of the most simple and easiest of the options for wall paneling. It consists of adding strips of wood to your already existing walls (either with glue or nails) and then painting the entire wall to match. You can customize not only the size of the boxes, to be squares rectangles or a combo of each, but also the thickness of the boards that you add to the wall to achieve just about any look.




One of the oldest and most traditional types of wall paneling, Board and Batten is is often seen on the exterior of homes to create a strong and energy efficient structure. The design consists of a wide "board" and then a smaller more narrow “batten” that is installed over each of the seams. When used on interior walls you don’t need to have the larger “board” but instead can create a faux look with small strips installed vertically.




The term wainscoting refers to any type of wall treatment that goes a portion of the length of the wall. So while some people think wainscoting only involves beadboard or v-groove, the “half way method” can be used for any wall treatment.

Amber Interiors



Horizontal paneling (like vertical) allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal based on the look that you are going for. Shiplap is a type of horizontal paneling that reveals a space between each piece.

Lindsay Hill Interiors



Beadboard paneling is a traditional ane timeless wall treatment. It consists of a strips of wood with small “beads” in between each board. Beadboard which comes in many different widths and styles and is often popular in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Beadboard provides a durable option for your walls and you can accent above it with a different paint color if you decide.

Annsley Interiors



The last example I have for wall paneling will definitely bring some character into a room without a lot of work. Most of these are a version of the “board and batten” concept but have just been installed in more intricate patterns and designs.

Arne Jacobsen


All 8 of these wall paneling examples will add texture, richness and character to any home. Adding a paneled wall will not only giving more life to a blah wall, it will also elevate the architecture of the room itself. You can play with the width, pattern, orientation and height creating your own unique statement!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation!!! We are always offering digital design as well.

XOXOX- Form and Function Team



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