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How to mix metals

Mixing metals adds both a clean and elegant style to any room. The different metals work together to add depth, guiding the eye from the dominant color’s features to the accent colors. We LOVE to mix metals, but getting this look right is easier said than done and can feel like a daunting task. But don't be dismayed! We have discovered a method to the mixed metal madness! So today, we are breaking free from the matchy-matchy, and giving you some great tips on how to achieve this eclectic look.

1. Choose a dominant metal

Focus on one metal to take a dominant role over the others. Think about the style you’re aiming to achieve and this may help you narrow your options for your dominant metal. If you tend to favor more contemporary designs you should focus on using stainless steels. for a more modern space you should opt for chrome fixtures or an on-trend polished copper. For farmhouse styles, brass is a classic choice.

2. Add in one or two accent metals

With more than 3 different metals, you risk the room looking too random. The look should be cohesive.You’ll want to mix cool metals with warmer metals. Cool metals include chrome and nickel (and to a less extent – black). Warmer metals include brass, oil-rubbed bronze, gold and copper.

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3. Repeat each metal at least twice

This is especially important for the dominant metal you picked in step 1 and should be enough that you will notice it’s been repeated several times and should be spread out to balance out the look.

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4. Consider the finish

A brass fixture from West Elm may not look the same as a brass fixture from Pottery Barn. In addition to brass (and other warm metals) looking different depending on the brand, there are different brass finishes. There’s polished brass, unlacquered brass, and aged brass. You CAN use different finishes for the same metal. But, I would try and separate them as much as possible so that the differences aren’t at obvious.

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What are your thoughts on mixed metals? We would love to be a guide in your decision! For a free consult click here to contact me!


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